Frauen- und FamilienZentrum Erfurt e.V. is a registered and non-profit association founded on 27 June 1994 by committed women under the motto "Women help women and their families".

Today the Frauen- und FamilienZentrum Erfurt e.V. is the sponsor of two institutions, FamilienZentrum am Anger and FrauenZentrum Erfurt, runs a school counselling centre and is active in projects.

The 20th birthday in 2014 was a good occasion to look back on the numerous  milestones in the history of the association. Now in its 26th year of existence, the association continues to promote equal participation of women and men in private, professional and social life. 

The association is financed mainly by donations and grants, especially from the city of Erfurt, the state of Thuringia | Thuringian Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family, the European Social Fund.

The FFZE e.V. is the responsible body for youth welfare, partner in the Local Alliance of the City of Erfurt. Member of Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband Thüringen, Landesfrauenrat Thüringen, LAG Thüringer Frauenzentren, LAG Thüringer Familienzentren, LAG Schuldnerberatungsstellen as well as advisory member of Stadtjugendring Erfurt.