Women's center Erfurt [FZE]

The Women´s Center in Erfurt is a place created by women, for women, where we offer

  • Counselling and help
  • Communication and information
  • Culture und education
  • A wide variety of events

For all women.

We are ready to help you  

  • in diffcult and life-challenging phases of life
  • if you have experienced violence
  • with marital and relationship issues
  • in crises and problematic situations

All women are welcome to come by our main offices, where we offer consulting services.

We offer regularly held courses and events with topics like

  • women´s health
  • gender equality
  • social engagement
  • well-being

At our weekly women´s coffee, you can enjoy a friendly social engagement and connect with other women in the community.

Our library is filled with women´s literature and provides a warm and welcoming place to read.

We support all women in standing for their rights, claiming them, and understanding them.


We are part of

  • The Women- and Family Center Erfurt e.V. (FFZE e.V.) 

Wer are member of

  • Parity Thuringia 
  • LAG of women´s centres
  • National Counsil of Women
  • Local Alliance for Families
  • Project Group Domestic Violence
  • Working Group Women´s Health
  • Working Group for Women with Migration Background
  • Network for Integration

We are encouraged and supported by

  • The Ministry of Social, Family and Health of Thüringen
  • The City Administration Erfurt, Equality Body/Women Office
  • The Offfice for Health and Social Affairs
  • The Working Group of the Job Center
  • The Employment Agency
  • Society for Employment and Economic Development